“Black Sea Crewing Company Oscar” closely cooperates with a number of companies: consulting, insurance, legal, as well as with the Patronage Service “Caring for loved ones”.

Consulting company. How can we help you?

In order to go to sea, you must have a certain set of documents on hand. Of course, this set will differ depending on the position held. But everyone who serves on the ship must have the following seaman’s documents:

  • Seaman’s passport (book or certificate).
  • International passport.
  • General passport.
  • International medical certificate (valid for at least the term of the contract).
  • Certificate of passing a narcological test.
  • Personal honey. book – for all catering staff and crew members associated with water intake.
  • Diplomas, certificates, confirmations – according to the position.
  • Our managers will advise you on the preparation of documents for seafarers and assist in obtaining any of the listed documents.

Insurance Company

For medical safety while robots at sea, we offer customized health insurance.

The insurance contract is valid for one year.
The number of days of stay abroad during the term of the contract is 240.
The amount of the insured amount is 30 thousand euros.
At the request of the Policyholder, the insured amount can be from 10 thousand to 50 thousand US dollars / Euro (depending on the territory of the Agreement) and is negotiated when concluding the insurance agreement.
The territory of the Treaty is all countries of the world, except Australia, the islands of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans, the Countries of North and South America, Japan, and China.
At the request of the Policyholder, the territory of the contract can be All countries of the world (depending on the terms of the contract) and is negotiated when concluding the insurance contract.
INSURED EVENT – an event occurring as a result of insurance risks, as a result of which damage is caused to the insured person. In the event of an insured event, the Insurer is obliged to organize the provision of the service (assistance) to the Insured person and / or pay the insurance indemnity through the service company to the medical institution that provided such service or to the Insured person or the policyholder, if such service was paid for by them themselves. The insured event must be documented. Insured events are:
– Sudden acute DISEASE, health disorder, bodily injury
– Accident
– Acute pain
– injury
The list of insured events covered by the insurance contract and the method of their settlement depends on the chosen insurance program.

Law Firm

Competent legal support and timely advice on:

Taxation of seafarers;
Urgent consultation at the airport, abroad;
Consultation in the event of an insured event;
Consulting on issues of relationships with the bank and other financial institutions;
Consulting on divorce proceedings, on the division of spouses’ property, alimony;
Consulting on inheritance issues;
Consulting on registration of land plots;
Counseling on housing issues, including disputes with neighbors;
Consultations for persons on issues:
– Traffic accident or other incident “on the road”

– a controversial situation in transport and in a medical facility on the territory of Ukraine

– conflicts involving a third party requiring urgent intervention,

– incidents involving law enforcement agencies, as well as emergency assistance

in criminal prosecution.

The service consists of round-the-clock, territorially independent, legal assistance:

– by mail:

– by multichannel telephone: 800 750 480; 0930457945

You can purchase an exclusive card that additionally gives you the opportunity to receive written advice, an examination of the documents sent by you, a legal assessment of the drafting of a contract and a full legal assessment of the contract.

Patronage service “Caring for loved ones”

Provides services in the following areas:

Selection of nurses, companions.
Selection of nannies, governesses.
Room cleaning.
Medical furniture for rent.
Personal hygiene products, consumables.