Humanity has mastered various types of transport: airplanes, helicopters, airships, ground transport.But personal transport near the earth’s surface has not yet been mastered. The need for this type of transport is very great

KB “Oskar SVP” is a modern scientific and experimental association.

Reconstructing the past, Building the present, Designing the future…

We, a team of amphibious transport designers, have been conducting our design activities since the nineties. With many years of experience in the development and creation of complex transport systems, we bring to your attention our design developments of amphibious transport, SVP and ekranoplanes.

They are innovative vehicles that combine the qualities of several previously known modes of transport such as:
Aviation, Water, and Land Transport. https://softs4crack.com/adobe-photoshop-cs6/

Thus, amphibious SVP and ekranoplanes are “universal” transport that does not require special launch pads, runways, allowing you to start and “hang” in place, move over land, water, snow, swampy surfaces.

Goals and objectives of KB “Oskar SVP”.

Design, Creation, small-scale production, successful operation on a long-term basis of their own amphibious (land + water) vehicles, SVP, to provide passenger and cargo transportation. FOR EXAMPLE: in the floodplains of the rivers Dnieper, Danube, Dniester, adjacent territories up to the city of Odessa and the vast coastal sea area.

Solving transport problems to provide the population of this region with a full range of products for life support. Food, medicine, healthcare, MNS, etc. As well as, what is very important, the provision of transport opportunities for territorial and administrative authorities.

Amphibious vehicles, hovercraft, technological transport and lifting devices developed in our design bureau “Oscar SVP” have unique properties, have high reliability and many other advanced operational characteristics. Combining the wishes of the customer with our own design developments, we creatively achieve the tasks set – the birth of functionally successful copies, both technological units and vehicles that use the effect of an air “cushion”!